Why partner with us?

We’re bringing TEDxADMU to you. Nothing is going to stop TEDxADMU this year, as the event will be held online, making it accessible from your homes.

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Be part of something Bigger

As the biggest TEDx in Southeast Asia, an average of 700-800 audience members join us yearly. The event will not only give the chance for you to listen to various sets of ideas worth spreading, but also have the chance to interact with them and get to learn new things on a deeper level. Partner with us and enjoy meaningful engagements with our massive network of participants, partners and sponsors.

Going International

As shifting towards the online platform provides a wider reach, TEDxADMU hopes to gain international momentum. It is no secret that TEDx is an organization that is highly regarded. Thus, the event opens up a vast amount of opportunities to expand the reach of our partners.

Make things happen

In line with the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association’s mission, TEDxADMU is the perfect opportunity to make value-adding experiences into a reality. The organization believes in the value of nation-building, and TEDxADMU appraises such value by making the youth aware of the realities that they will soon encounter, and the potential that they will unlock